目的 常用作图函数
2.1 Correlation Scatter plot ,Bubble plot with Encircling ,Scatter plot with line of best fit , Jittering with stripplot , Counts Plot ,Marginal Histogram,Marginal Boxplot ,Correlogram ,Pairwise Plot
2.2 Deviation Diverging Bars,Diverging Texts ,Diverging Dot Plot ,Diverging Lollipop Chart with Markers ,Area Chart
2.3 Ranking Ordered Bar Chart ,Lollipop Chart , Dot Plot ,Slope Chart,Dumbbell Plot
2.4 Distribution Histogram for Continuous Variable ,Histogram for Categorical Variable, Density Plot , Density Curves with Histogram,Joy Plot , Distributed Dot Plot,Box Plot ,Dot + Box Plot ,Violin Plot , Population Pyramid , Categorical Plots
2.5 Composition Waffle Chart ,Pie Chart , Treemap ,Bar Chart
2.6 Change Time Series Plot,Time Series with Peaks and Troughs Annotated,Autocorrelation Plot,Cross Correlation Plot,Time Series Decomposition Plot,Multiple Time Series,Plotting with different scales using secondary Y axis,Time Series with Error Bands,Stacked Area Chart,Area Chart Unstacked,Calendar Heat Map,Seasonal Plot
2.7 Groups Dendrogram,Cluster Plot,Andrews Curve,Parallel Coordinates,
others ..


* 一、概念以及各种介绍 * 二、各种类型的图 * 三、图的各种零件 * 四、小技巧 * 五、报错 * 六、案例分析